Living with MS is a B.I.T.C.H.

March 8, 2022

There. I said it. I’m letting my hair down today. And I want to make everyone aware of it during this “March is MS Awareness Month”.

This post is easy to write, because I’m having a bad day.

Whether a diagnosed case of MS is mild, moderate, or advanced, living with it over time is

  • Baffling: by what is causing what; how long something will last; how bad will it                      get…
  • Interfering: with things I try to do, say, feel, think, see…
  • Thieving: of my job/finances, my time, my libido, self-esteem, dignity, abilities…
  • Controlling: of my decisions, my activities, my social life, my emotions
  • Humiliating: as I stumble, sway, lose control of my bladder/bowels, get                                        confused…

While there still is not a cure, I’m still hanging onto hope. Tomorrow is another day. Another chance that it will be an easier day.

P.S. I’m wearing my orange ribbon next to the blue/yellow ribbon (for Ukraine). It raises awareness, and questions.


Debbie Petrina
Author of Managing MS
Community Advocate for

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