Give a Gift of Knowledge & Support

“A Holiday Stocking Stuffer”

November 26, 2012

Every week I write an article with substance for persons dealing with multiple sclerosis. As the holiday season is upon us, this week’s article is about giving a gift of substance to someone or even to yourself. Like a good book about a serious illness.

I wrote my book, Managing MS: Straight Talk From a Thirty-One Year Survivor, to help others dealing with MS. But Managing MS also has many chapters suitable for persons dealing with other chronic illnesses/autoimmune diseases, or for people in general who want to learn about something new.

This upbeat self-help guide is a knowledge and support tool. Acquiring more knowledge and support about something that is unknown will result in less fear, mystery and misconceptions about it. Packed with information and inspiration, Managing MS will leave the reader feeling both good and grateful in addition to the knowledge acquired– whether one does, or does not, have a serious illness or disease.

Many have told me it is a book of substance. Recently, a man approached me when I was volunteering at an MS Walk, and said he came for the purpose of meeting me. He read my book and wanted to thank me in person and sign it for him. Diagnosed just a year ago, he said it changed both his and his family’s lives. The entire staff of my PCP’s office read the book, and my PCP bought copies to give to a MS patient that would come in for an office visit.

It is a short, easy read of less than 150 pages (with resources) that would make a great stocking stuffer.

BUT…If my book is not of interest, get a book—any meaningful, inspiring book—that will give knowledge and support of a subject. It will be a worthwhile gift and a great stocking stuffer.

After all, ‘tis the season of sharing, giving, helping and hope. 🙂
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