The Bucket List

A positive thing about getting MS is that I don’t put off tomorrow what could be started today, because tomorrow may never come.  I learned this before my MS dx at 25 yrs. of age. I was only 17 when my dad unexpectedly died.

Things like this alter not only your life, but your perspective. Whether it was my youth or personality, I had goals in life that included a huge bucket list of things I wanted to see and do. I love travel, nature, history, and culture.

Going to Alaska was a dream on my bucket list that came true. I was in my fifties, and despite the nervousness about my ability to handle such a trip, I was determined to go.  I often say that my legs don’t work, but I have a mouth and a brain to get what I want. It took a ton of planning that was done a year in advance, but boy, it was worth it.

My accessible trip–

  • Used planes, railroads, coaches, boats, a cruise ship…
  • Toured Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Vancouver…
  • Experienced Glacier/Denali/ Wrangell St. Elias National Parks…
  • Included roadhouses, the Alaskan pipeline, gold mining, northern lights…
  • Viewed moose, eagles, caribou, bear, and even an Iditarod race husky ‘boot’ camp.

If you or someone you know in a wheelchair wants to go to Alaska, here is repost from my blog explaining what I learned and how I did it–.Tips to Cruise/Tour Alaska in a Wheelchair (with videos)

MS is unpredictable, but so is life. If there was an obstacle at some time point, at least I tried.


Debbie Petrina
Author of Managing MS 
       Kindle Unlimited

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  1. This is a wonderful and practical, optimistic and very hopeful. Thank you so much for a beautiful blog.

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