March is MS Awareness Month: Education!

March 2018

I let my hair down last night.  I posted a negative, distressing message on FB.

I have just reached my 38th year of living with MS, and I was in one of my distressing moods.  Don’t we all have them, MS or not?

This is MS Awareness month, and I guess I was in one of my “down” moods and irritated by the upbeat MS ads I had been seeing everywhere. I was tired of all the happy, happy posts on FB, and wanted to express my real feelings at that time.

Truth is, people need EDUCATED about MS.  It sucks. It’s hard. And I’m tired of the pretentious posts by people who glorify that that “MS” doesn’t define me!  And they show people with MS doing all kinds of things with wonderful results.

I want honestly. Realism.  Does that even exist anymore?

So, my contribution to MS Awareness month is this: Please read the following old post of mine and get educated.

For all of you that so generously given me your support, I can’t thank you enough.  It’s lifted the air under my wings, and when ready, I will move on.  I love you all.

Author, Trained MS Counselor, MS Survivor

A Day in the Life of an MSer

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2 thoughts on “March is MS Awareness Month: Education!

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